Austin Passive Solar

austin-passive-solarSolar in Austin: Passive Means Smart Design

In Austin, passive solar energy just makes sense. Whether you’re building a new solar home or trying to find new ways to make a structure green and efficient, passive solar energy should be in your plans.

Passive solar energy is the art and science of employing the natural heat-retaining and heat-reflective properties of building materials to reduce heating and cooling expenses. Well-designed passive solar homes and buildings are elegant and stylish, using stone, water, wood, concrete, earth, metal, shade, color, and air flow to stay hot in winter and cool in summer.

Passive Solar Energy Is Perfect for Austin

As we all know, Austin is generously gifted with 300 days of powerful sunshine every year. Austin also gets a good dose of cold in December and January. These extremes of hot and cold make Austin an ideal fit for using passive solar design techniques.

Inexpensive Austin Passive Solar Design

Passive solar design doesn’t need to be expensive, either. The simple addition of a stone wall or modification of your roof color can make hundreds of dollars of difference in your air conditioning bills.

Passive solar home designs don’t require expensive solar panels, but they can work well with them. If you’ve already installed solar panels, or are considering them, try integrating the panels with a passive solar energy design.

Don’t fight the physical properties of air, stone, and water — make them work for you!

For inquiries about passive solar energy – and how it can work with or without solar panels – please contact our passive solar energy experts.