Why Is The Austin Public Library Cooling Guadalupe Street?


Sometimes when exploring this fair city I come across a feature that just makes no sense at all.

Today that feature is the book drop at the Faulk Central Library at 8th and Guadalupe. As you can see by the photo (click to enlarge), the opening isĀ massive — about six inches tall by eighteen wide. This hole is as big as two human heads. And air conditioning is flying out of this hole like there’s no tomorrow. All day and all night long. That’s your tax money and mine, plus tremendous wear and tear on the HVAC, all in a vain effort to cool Guadalupe Street to about 74 degrees F.

I know the library is soon moving to new digs, but wouldn’t it be smart of a green, forward-looking org like the Austin Public Library to put a little clear plastic fringe curtain over this thing?