Austin Targeted by North Korean Nukes – And Propped by Jon Stewart

Kim Jong-un. Nukes. CNN. Second-Most Viewed Daily Show Clip Ever. And Austin. Huh?

Fellow Austinites, you might not know it, but 2.8 million Chinese people got a chuckle out of a Daily Show joke centered around Austin and South by Southwest. And, oh, by the way, South Korea wants to nuke the crap out of us.

Skip to 1:45 in the clip! “There’s a chart marked US MAINLAND STRIKE PLAN with missile trails aiming at Hawaii, California, DC, and for some reason… Austin, Texas.”

Okay, from the beginning: Kim Jong-un released a video threatening China and the U.S. Sharp-eyed analysts sussed out North Korea’s potential targets by looking at the map on the wall of their war room. (“You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!”) Jon Stewart hoisted up the video for ridicule on the Daily Show, and Chinese viewers made it viral.

Here’s the Reddit thread and the CNN video talking about the 2.8 million hits that Jon Stewart scored from the other side of the world.

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