Can’t See Job Descriptions on LinkedIn? Yep, It’s Broken


LinkedIn Job Listings Are Currently Broken

If you or your friends have been browsing job opportunities on LinkedIn lately, guess what: this major website is broken right now, and yet no one seems to care. I believe the employers who are paying for these listings are unaware that they are busted, so the only people being directly inconvenienced are users who are almost powerless to change the problem. Contacting them through the website is a Herculean task because the helpcenter routes you through a maze of vaguely relevant pages without any apparent way to flag a human being.

There is a thread about the problem here which indicates that this issue has been going on for almost an entire month. Don’t be fooled by the link to “ask them” — this user posts that same answer to multiple threads on the site.

So Why Aren’t Employers Complaining?

It could be that this is a problem that only affects certain users, or certain listings. In any case, I think the core problem is that the users (jobseekers) are not the customers who LinkedIn really values. Those customers (employers) aren’t looking at their listings. You see, employers are already employed.

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